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A book exploring the smells of Mumbai using photographs, words and verse from Mumbai Paused.

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Cover designed by Amol Urankar


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Ghosts of Good Things – Playgrounds of Mumbai’
The book explores the rapidly shrinking playgrounds of India’s fastest growing city, and marvels at the grace and creativity with which its children adapt themselves to the situation. It also holds a mirror to the way we treat the spaces that ideally belong to our children – spaces where they should play and grow. The book also offers glimpses of a long-lost childhood when both time and space were abundant, and imagination was something that grew with the trees.
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The Aam Artist Gallery
Of the many languages we speak, we do not acknowledge the most widely spoken visual language of our country. The everyday art made by ordinary men and women. The book is a journey through the streets of India and it will make you pause and look at the extra-ordinary, ordinary art out there. Buy the digital book. Rs. 350 only.
Vishwa Karma
The Fate of Workers in the 21st Century.
Suddenly everyone is afraid of the future of the workplace. These images from streets of India and some thoughts about the future will help you see it in a new light.
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Plastic People And Our Universe.
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Download Book 1: Mumbai Turmeric
Words by Mini S Menon
Photographs by Mumbai Paused
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