Mayor of Mayanagar

I had the privilege of being invited to be a speaker at The Indian Photo Fest in Hyderabad in September 2019. I gave a short talk and a slide show of images posing as the the Mayor of a city called Mayanagar.

Photo by Fahim Sayid

Mayor of Mayanagar was orginally an idea I had for a photo book that I wanted to publish here. However, the idea has plans of its own and became a presentation I made at the Indian Photo Festival that is held annually in Hyderbabad, Telangana.

In the talk, I look at the city through the lens of a mayor, a ceremonial post in a typical Indian city. At a time when cities and urban areas in India are growing and changing at a phenomenal pace, it makes an interesting story, told through images.

Point but NO shoot

I also took a group of youngsters on a photo walk in Hyderabad without cameras. The idea for the walk came from Harsha Vadlamani the ace photographer, who wanted me to show people at the festival, how to observe a city. I was also lucky to have my friend from Mumbai – Aslam aka Bombay Ka Shaana, for company who provided interesting tips. The participants were much younger than I expected and were from places like Cuddapah, Anantapur, Delhi and even Mumbai.

The State Art Gallery – Telangana
The speakers at Indian Photo Fest 2019

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