Truck De India

Truck De India is a new book that has arrived in bookshops across India this month and it is written by Rajat Ubhaykar, a Mumbai based journalist I follow on social media.

You can read an excerpt from the book here.

The event was hosted in one of the bungalows of Aaram Nagar in Versova which is famous for inde film makers. This place was called Native Places and is a co-working place, among other things.

The highlight of the evening was the talk between Rajat and the wonderful Ranjit Hoskote. When I grow up, I want to ask questions like Mr Hoskote. He not only got the shy young Rajat to open up and speak about more than just the obvious things but also about deeper philosophical journeys, not only Rajat’s but also we Indians, collectively through these interesting times when the country’s leadership looks inwards and narrower lens.

Now to read the book and write a review.

The bookshelves of Native Places

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