A bookshop at Chaithya Bhoomi

Today is December 6th and the death anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar. On this day, thousands from across the Deccan region of India congregate here to remember him. He was cremated in Dadar West and the place is now known as Chaithya Bhoomi. It is home to a Buddhist shrine. That is because, Dr Ambedkar, in a public display against the evil of caste system in Hinduism, converted to Buddhism.

One of the unique aspects of the movement against caste discrimination initiated by Dr Ambedkar is a push for education and books. No place that is important to the struggle against caste is complete without a bookseller or a group of booksellers. The books are not restricted to Buddhist texts.

Here is a peek at some book covers from one of the shops at Chaithya Bhoomi

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