Do you read for pleasure?

Progress begins with education for girls is the approximate meaning of the writing of the wall but it was the image of the girl that caught my eye. The girl seems to be reading for pleasure and unlike the usual social messages on our city walls.

I want you to think about this: do you read for pleasure or only what’s useful? I ask this because I once met a lawyer who wanted to write a book, A novel. I asked her about what is it she likes to read and she said that she doesn’t read anymore. When I asked why, she said that she only read books that helped her to study in school, college and later at work. She didn’t read for pleasure.

Me on the other hand have mostly read only for pleasure. I think it set me up for failure because I avoided the books that I was supposed to read when I was supposed to ‘study’ or later, help me at work.

What is your opinion?

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