Rain. A city through the season

My friends Kripa and Vinitha have launched an illustrated book about my favourite subject – Mumbai. This time they celebrate the most atmospheric of all things that define the city – the monsoon. Mumbai is the landfall for the massive Amazon sized river in the sky that rises from the Arabian Sea part of the Indian Ocean every summer and flows kilometres thick through the sky to dump life-giving water on the subcontinent.

Thanks to the Western Ghats or the Sahayadri Hills to the east of the city, the clouds pause and rain falls in torrents on this city, over a period of few months, fromthe end of June to early September. The rain transforms the city and nature tries to reclaim the city, we humans reclaimed from the sea.

What does that mean to the millions of residents of the city? It is those emotions that this book captures. Because it is made by two women and made for children (I think) , it provides what seem like glimpses of the city during the rain with empathetic, human eyes. If you observe the details in the water colours and let the words wrap itself around your mind like a wet saree, it offer a deeper dip into the life, as it affects individuals in the city, during the rain.

I leave you with my favourite image from the book and a few words.

The book is now available on Amazon (the website, not the river in Iberian America)

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