The Gita on Rocks – Wardha

In the picture above, a woman on her evening walk reads the Gita or Gitai, in Marathi, translated by Vinobha Bhave, carved on rocks, at the Gitai Mandir in Wardha. Maharashtra.

This rock carved Gita was unveiled to the world in 1980 by the Gandhian Vinobha Bhave.

In the background is the Vishwa Shanti Stupa or the World Peace Stupa. She was probably a first time visitor like my friend in the picture below. They seems to be the few who paused to read a page or two lines as they walked around the park. The regulars come here for peace and quiet. They come here to meet friends, gossip, relax and to exercise.


Wardha is a town close to Nagpur in the geographical centre of India. It was close to where the railway tracks that ran from the west of India to the east and from the north to the south intersected. In the days of Railways and Telegraph, Gandhi made it his home and set up an ashram and made it the centre of the Independence struggle from the British.

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