Bedside Bible

One of American christianity’s most commonly seen sign for many decades was what Gideons International introduced to the hospitality industry – the bedside Bible. Over the years, the idea of placing a book by the bedside has been copied by other sects, religions and movements to spread their ideas. They have gradually disappeared from the bedsides in America (from reports) as well as around the world for various reasons. Right now we endlessly scroll massive amount of colourful content on our phones before we try to sleep.

Some years back on a trip to Wardha in Vidarbha, home to Gandhi’s ashram. Me and my colleague visited a friend there who worked at a local institute and he allowed us to use their guest room to freshen up. This was what we found on the bedside. We didn;t stay the night in the room, so I didn’t get the chance to read it before I went to sleep.

As we all know, Gandhi expected us to clean our own bathrooms and that explains this unique request in the guest room.

2 thoughts on “Bedside Bible

  1. Back in the early 80s when I was in my early 20s, I became obsessed with Gandhi for a while (there was a movie of course) and I read a number of books about his life and about Independence. One of the books I bought but did not read was this Autobiography. At the time I never imagined that many years later I would visit India—and more than once. On my last trip I went to Wardha and visited the ashram. I bought half a dozen books there including the Autobiography completely forgetting that I had one at home! Perhaps no excuse not to finally read it now.


    1. About time. Do let me know your observations when you are done! I picked up My Experiments… from the neighbourhood library as a kid. The trigger was a chapter from the book that we had in our textbook.

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