How to start listening to audio books

It’s not easy to download an audiobook and start listening if you are an avid reader. I didn’t think that it was for me. I like the words I read form images in my head. I like to pause and ponder about a word or sentence. To turn the page back to something I read a few minutes back and books allow me read at my own pace.

Listening to an audiobook is like trying to walk all over again in high-heel or ill-fitting shoes.

Why would you listen to an audiobook? Are there any advantages?

  • You can listen to them when you commute, walk, cook or travel
  • The book is on your phone
  • It allows you to listen to books in languages you can understand but cannot read or read fast enough to enjoy the book

Transitioning to audiobooks

  • My entry point to audiobooks was listening to podcasts.
  • Podcasts cover every imaginable interest that you can have. They allow you to get back to the world once enjoyed the world over as radio.
  • Your ears get used to people narrating stories, different languages and accents.
  • You can also form a habit – where and when you make time to listen and how it synchronises with your existing habits like walking, exercising or relaxing.

Once you acquire the habit of listening, attempt listening to a book

  • Pick an easy book to listen to as your first book or a subject or genre you like
  • Pick an easy book to listen to as your first book or a subject or genre you like
  • Biographies and self-help books seem to be a favourite for most people and not fiction
  • Check out the sample clip before you buy the book. This is to make sure that you can understand the accent or like the person’s style reading the book.

The journey from podcasts to audiobooks took some time for me and it was aided by the entry of Clubhouse, the audio based social network.

My audiobook reading habit

Most of the audiobooks I listen to are in Indian languages. They are in languages I understand well, but I can’t read them fast enough. For Indian language books, I use an app called Storytel. I also use the Audible app for books from outside India. While Storytel is affordable, books on Audible cost more than the paperback and Kindle versions. There are free audiobooks available on the internet too. You can search the internet and download books and listen to them!

If you are interested, you can look at the list of books I have been listening to this year.

Happy listening!

One thought on “How to start listening to audio books

  1. Slow audible reader or is it listener? 🙂 Audiobooks are handy but it is still difficult to feel as immersed. Like you, I find it a good way to enjoy languages that I don’t read easily.


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