Bookshops of Chaitya Bhoomi (Dr Ambedkar Memorial), Dadar

Chaitya Bhoomi overlooks the Arabian Sea and the Sea Link bridge in Dadar. It’s the place Dr BR Ambedkar was cremated and is now a memorial to him. It is a tourist spot as well as an important pilgrimage spot for millions of India. The place sees the highest footfalls on December 6th, the anniversary of his death, and the time when a huge gathering, a vibrant mela happens at Shivaji Park, a short walk from this place. These images are from October 5th, the day celebrated as Dhammachakra Parvartan Day. It was the day that coincided with the Hindu calendar festival of Vijayadashami. The day was selected by Dr Ambedkar to convert to Buddhism as a statement against the oppressive practices of Hinduism.

The importance of books at Chaitya Bhoomi

Educate, Organise and Agitate is the mantra that the Dalits (the name the oppressed in India choose to address themselves) of India follow to demand their equal rights in the Union. Books, therefore, come first when it comes to this decades-old movement. That’s the reason, any place where Dalits congregate will have permanent and makeshift bookstalls selling works called Dalit Literature.

The Chaitya Bhoomi

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