About Footpath Bookshop


The Footpath Bookshop was started by Mumbai Paused aka Gopal MS, a blogger who documents Mumbai’s street. The bookshop is as an experiment to bring affordable photobooks in the digital format to a new generation of readers in India and photostories from India to people around the world.

Technology makes it possible for everyone to create photobooks and tell their stories. This bookshop is an example of how it can be done and reach out to people.

Browse through our bookshop.

To know more about what kind of photobooks we make, read the reviews of our November 2018 book called Matsyagandha – Low tide smells of the Island City in the press:


Sunday Midday

The Hindu

Right now, the bookshop has stories by Mumbai Paused aka Gopal MS.

Rebel with a pause – The Hindu

Indian Express

Deccan Chronicle

Better Photography

The Better India

The City Story

More power to the internet.

Technology allows everyone to shoot pictures, make it into stories and share it easily, widely and democratically across the world wide web. We encourage you to tell you stories in any form that you enjoy and share it with the world. There aren’t enough stories out there that are well told even in the age of what looks like excessive information. Information yes. More knowledge elevated by art… even better!

A Brief Introduction to Digital Photo Books.

In Indian bookshops, a photo book is called by its other popular name, the Coffee Table Book. They are big, they have beautiful photographs and they are for display in a home, office or waiting room. They do create an impression. Photo books are often used to display a beautiful idea, place, company or bring alive a personality. Even in book shops, they are close to the entrance on a table or prominently displayed in the shop window.

The most seen photo books or coffee table books that we see in Mumbai are by the great photographers of India. Raghu RaiRaghubeer SinghPrabuddha DasguptaSooni Taraporewala and a few other icons. Apart from the photographers, there are photo books about Mumbai and many more about Bombay.

Nostalgia and memories come alive in these grand books. Coming and going on these shelves are the photobooks by contemporary photographers who are trying to tell new stories.

Photo books in Google-speak.

If you search for photo books on Google in India, you are directed to a different type of photo books that are personalised photo books. They share the same name but have very different purposes. Personalised photo books are used mostly by professional photographers who shoot weddings and people to present their stories.

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